Where the passion for excellence meets sustainability

Our oceans rely on a precious cycle in order to properly function. We as humans constantly take, and forget to give back to that cycle. The humbling experience of diving is to be immersed into the impressive world below the surface, and in turn one will attain a first hand encounter with how we as humans have had an impact on our reefs and oceans. 

Green reef is an incentive of sustainability; at the end of each day of diving, a diver should put down their spear gear for five minutes and simply pick up any unnatural materials lying on the bottom or drifting in the water. 

So whats the incentive? Hopefully because you are a diver who is conscious of sustainability! However, Black Reef Co will be selling a "Green Reef" hat in the future, in which 100% of the profits will go towards cleaning up our oceans and reefs.