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Hawaiian Sling

The Ka Ma'a (pronounced Kah-Mah) is a revolutionary hawaiian sling which was inspired by a compound bow design. The sling's cambered arms place the band behind your wrist. The wheels are located on the cambered arms to reduce friction, thus minimal effort is needed to draw the Ka Ma'a. However, what sets the Ka Ma'a apart from other slings is one basic principle: Pre-load

Pre-load or pre-tension allows for maximum output on the limited range of draw on a sling. You can only pull so far back on a sling, so pre-load steps in to add huge amounts of power to the shot.

The result is a pocket sized sling that can launch up to an 8mm or 5/16 shaft, with capabilities of taking down  pelagic species or the most menacing of fish on the reef. There is no other tool with such versatility. 


Onyx carbon fiber body

Titanium roller wheels with ceramic bearings

Shaft cup

Rubber X-flock grip

Carbon tight bore barrel

MVD reel option

Patent Pending, Sling pictured is an aluminum prototype



Bare Sling

The Hawaiian sling pre-order includes the sling, X flock grip, band, and magnetic shaft cup. 

*Shaft and reel setup will be released soon. All pre-order slings include reel mount locations.*