Black Reef Small Bodied Harpoon

Black Reef Small Bodied Harpoon

The Black Reef Small Bodied harpoon is a game changer product designed to be extremely maneuverable, thin, and strong. Even though the harpoon is thin, the product still boasts an excessive level of strength from the 12k Spread tow carbon and titanium furniture. Weighing in at just over 5lbs, the spear packs plenty of punch for broadbill swordfish and tunas. The harpoon features our custom swirled grip, teakwood logo, and custom tuna and swordfish artistic design by Alex Wexler. 



Weight 5.5 lbs

Length 7.5 foot (Two 3 foot body sections, 18 inch injector)

Includes: 1 harpoon, 1 injector, 1 harpoon dart, dart rigging


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