Carbon Hip Reel

Carbon Hip Reel

The Black Reef Co speargun reel is comprised of durable delrin, oversized stainless steel, and thick walled carbon fiber. The reel features an internal clutch braking system to adjust the drag. The clutch allows for automatic drag tension release so that when the drag is pulled the reel will automatically allow line to flow smoothly out of the reel. This is a fantastic safety measure, and you also do not need to worry about a fish ripping off due to a locked or seized reel! 


The belt reel  is removable directionally by pulling upwards on the bottom of the carbon bracket  in case of emergency. When yanking the bracket upward and out, the entire unit will disconnect from your dive belt. 



  • 55 meter line capacity
  • Emergency quick removal feature
  • stainless steel mounting screws included
  • lined option includes 50 meters of 1.7mm  Black Reef 400lb dyneema 
    Lined with Dyneema (White)
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