Disco Banana Inverted Roller Speargun

Disco Banana Inverted Roller Speargun

The Disco Banana is a composite inverted roller speargun that is a yardstick in the spearfishing industry. The DB is engineered with an inverted  band layup. This band design is extremely manageable: Easy to draw and load, yet maintains significant power output and range in excess of 20 feet. Our Patent Pending handle design creates an inversion in the band around the barrel of the gun. Some unique features of the DB include carbon fiber 3 piece ceramic roller wheels, skeletonized composite AR-style handle, custom double roller trigger mechanism, carbon fiber adjustable reel, and more. Did we mention it has iron sights? 



  • Optional 7.5mm Spearcrafters flopper shaft or 8mm carbon fiber hybrid slip tip shaft by Black Reef Co
  • 14mm  small ID core bands, 14mm progressive kicker band
  • Carbon fiber hybrid double roller trigger mechanism by Black Reef Co
  • Carbon fiber composite reel with internal clutch mechanism by Black Reef Co
  • Optional Carbon fiber barrel lengths
  • Neutral buoyancy
  • 3 piece carbon ceramic roller wheels 4x


    Black Reef 1.7mm Dyneema (50 meters/150 feet)
    Shaft Type
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