Disco Banana Fusion Roller Speargun

Disco Banana Fusion Roller Speargun

The Disco Banana is a fully Composite hybrid roller speargun that is a yardstick in the spearfishing industry. The DB  is engineered with a never before seen dual fusion band layup to load with ease, yet have significant power output and range in excess of 20 feet. By creating an inversion in the band around the barrel of the gun with our Patent pending handle design, as well as the use of an inverted belly kickerband, the gun has minimal recoil for accurate and precise shots everytime. Some unique features include  carbon fiber 3D printed roller wheels and band anchor, skeletonized composite AR-style handle, titanium trigger mechanism, composite reel, neutral buoyancy and more. This speargun has the ability to break down for travel: barrels are interchangeable in seconds by disconnecting the bands and pulling the gun apart via internal magnets. Or, it can be purchased as a one piece (monopiece). 


Every aspect of the Disco Banana is uniquely designed in house by Black Reef Co. Made in the USA.



  • 5/16 inch Spearcrafters shaft
  • 14mm  small ID bands with optional rigging
  • Skeletonized roller trigger mechanism by Black Reef Co
  • Carbon fiber composite reel with internal clutch mechanism by Black Reef Co
  • Optional Carbon fiber barrel lengths
  • Optional models: travel two piece or monopiece
  • Neutral buoyancy
  • 3D printed carbon fiber wheels (w/ bearings) and band anchor


    Black Reef 1.7mm "Old Gold" Dyneema 55 meters
    Band Layup
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