Kronos 115 Fusion Roller Speargun

Kronos 115 Fusion Roller Speargun

The Kronos Fusion is a bamboo roller speargun that is a yardstick in the spearfishing industry. The Kronos is engineered with a game changing fusion band layupEasy to draw and load, yet maintains significant power output and range in excess of 20 feet.


The fusion inverted band design provides perfect horizontal power delivery on the shaft with a completely clean view of sight to aim.The recoil is inverted around the rear pulleys for a perfectly executed shot. Dyneema is used around the front pulley wheel instead of rubber, so with help from the belly kicker, shots are fast and snappy. The premise behind the band design is to achieve "LPD" or linear power delivery. The force applied to the shaft is consistent throughout the length of the track. 


The Kronos features a modular carbon ballast system on the front and rear of the speargun. 


We recommend the Kronos to the more technical and advanced divers who want the most out of their gear. Some unique features of the Kronos include a full bamboo body, bamboo AR-style handle, fusion inverted band layup, modular ballast system, roller trigger mechanism for both euro and american style shafts, and more.



  •  8mm Titanium two-piece shaft (slip tip or flopper)
  • 16mm bands
  • Compatibe with euro and american shafts 7mm to 8mm
  • 115CM  length
  • Range: 20+ feet