Baller Reverse Trigger Mechanism (Euro)

Baller Reverse Trigger Mechanism (Euro)

The Baller mechanism by black reef co is a game changer mechanism. Our mechanism has over 250 hours into its conception. We went through over a dozen different prototypes, and 8 months of development to create the most crisp action trigger possible. This mechansim utilizes A ceramic ball to release the shaft. We noticed that typical notch releases cause vibration on the shaft leading to shaft wobble and innacurate long distance shots.


We applied physics to our design to counteract the repeated issue seen in almost every other euro style mechanism: the sear-trigger contact of our mechanism does not have any vertical movement under dynamic load of the trigger pull. 



  • Carbon shell
  • Ceramic ball sear tooth
  • Enlarged and reinforced line release
  • 400kg capacity
  • fits shafts from 7-8mm in thickness
  • Euro shaft compatible
  • Dimensions 2.5 inch L x 9/16 inch W x 1.25 inch H
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