DMS Travel Hybrid Roller speargun

DMS Travel Hybrid Roller speargun

The twin barrel "Dead Man's Switch" speargun moves & tracks effortlessly through the water. The speargun shaft has such minimal contact with the track such that friction is almost nonexistent. The design allows the shaft to "freefloat" with 3 support points. The engineering behind this concept is inspired by the free floating barrel designs seen in the most accurate rifles in the world in the firearms industry. It's the shaft that truly matters for precision and accuracy. Horizontal alignment of the roller wheels in tandem with an optimized shaft design has proven to be the perfect concoction for an effective roller speargun.  The power is delivered via a two stage loading hybrid band layup. Made in the USA.



  • 5/16 inch Spearcrafters shaft
  • 14mm hybrid roller bands (roller band with belly kicker band)
  • skeletonized roller trigger mechanism by Black Reef Co
  • Carbon fiber composite reel with internal clutch mechanism by Black Reef Co
  • Optional Carbon fiber barrel lengths
  • 3D printed carbon fiber wheels (w/ bearings) and band anchor


    Black Reef 1.8mm "Old Gold" Dyneema 55 meters
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