MicroVandal Traditional One-Piece Polespear

MicroVandal Traditional One-Piece Polespear

  1. The micro-Vandal is a creation based around our Flagship Vandal polespear. This is the perfect spear for the beginner diver looking to perfect their polespear diving, or for the experienced diver who enjoys hole hunting & having a single piece polespear that can handle the nastiest fish on the reef. 




  • Titanium connections 
  • 12K Spread-tow aerospace textured carbon fiber body 
  • 316 Stainless steel traditonal end with D-shackle
  • Titanium Magnetip w/ 316 Stainless steel cable & quick attach tuna-clip
  • Adhesive backed non-slip Black Beef style knurled grip
  • Diamondcoat epoxied Black Reef logo



Length: 8+ feet (6 foot body section, 2 or 3 foot injector)

Slip Tip: 1.6mm 700lb rated cable 

Weight: approx 1.9 bs

Thickness: 17.5mm or 11/16 inch

Band Size: 14mm or 9/16 inch 

Band Stretch: 325%

Load: approx. 40lbs @ max load


What is Ceramic Coating?

Industry grade ceramic coating is a chemical polymer solution that bonds to the surface and pores of the metal and carbon fiber to protect from UV, scratches, and will prolong the life of your spear. Ceramic coating is also frictionless and hydrophobic; our spears have shown results of accelerating quicker and shooting further.