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The Disco Banana is a composite roller speargun that is a yardstick in the spearfishing industry. The DB is engineered with a hybrid  band layup. This band design is extremely manageable: Easy to draw and load, yet maintains significant power output and range in excess of 20 feet. Our Patent Pending handle design simplifies the band layup to a two stage load. Some unique features of the DB include roller wheels with bearings, skeletonized composite AR-style handle, composite trigger mechanism, composite adjustable reel, and more. 


Every aspect of the Disco Banana is uniquely designed in house by Black Reef Co. Made in the USA.

Size: 115 CM


The most unique aspect of the DB speargun is the astounding hybrid band layup which promotes linear power delivery (LPD described below). The DB speargun has minimal recoil for accurate and precise shots with each pull of the trigger. The DB receives even more power output by use of a belly kicker which supercharges the shaft. Inertia, the resistance of motion, is the common problem with roller spearguns. Since the kicker band is connected underneath the gun directly to the main roller band, the kicker will all but eliminate any shaft lag created by inertia. 

The great benefit to this new design is easy loading, reduced recoil, snappier shots,  and most importantly a massive increase in range capabilities. We essentially simplified the inverted/de-multiplied speargun by removing the pulleys and complicated rigging.  

*A traditional 2 or 3 band version will be available*

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Otherwise known as LPD, the concept of linear power delivery is the idea of having power equally distributed with a constant force across a distance. 

What is linear power delivery and how does it apply to spearguns? Linear power can be seen when more rubber and preload are fitted onto a speargun. This concoction allows for the same pull force throughout the duration of the speargun from trigger mechanism to the end of the muzzle.

So what are the benefits? Essentially, linear power allows for a speargun to be significantly more powerful with the same maximum force of load. This concept revolves around the idea that the band force at the muzzle is not significantly more than the band force at the trigger mechanism when a speargun is loaded. To exemplify LPD, the two graphs below portray the concept of linear power delivery. Figure I below represents a standard speargun. Figure II represents the Black Reef Spearguns with LPD. The red outline is the overall volume of power, which dictates the performance of the speargun.