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Disco Twin | 95R Roller Travel Speargun

Disco Twin | 95R Roller Travel Speargun

The Disco Twin Roller is a composite speargun that is simply effective. We recommend our "DB-F" for freedivers, scuba divers, or those simply looking to simplify their diving and rigging into one effective speargun. 


What is a fusion roller? The fusion roller is a hybrid combination of a double roller band that transfers to dyneema; only dyneema line revolves around the wheels onto the top of the speargun. This results is far faster and snappier shots, more range, and less recoil. Accuracy is increased with full field of vision on the shaft when aiming. 


Other Key Features


Travel friendly: The Disco Twin can break down for travel, two piece slip-tip travel shaft included. Our design is available in a 95R breakdown model, with the barrel collapsing to 34 inches with a simple allen key. 


State of the art trigger mechanism: We spent over 250 hours engineering an "american style" trigger mechanism which optimizes the trigger-to-sear contact point with a 316SS roller dowel pin to prevent "sear rise" as seen on all european reverse mechanisms. We test our mechs to over 2000 pounds of pressure. The one piece housing integrates with our handle for easy removal for maintenance. Safety is everything to us, so we integrated a press pin safety into our mechanism near your trigger finger. 


Range: 18+ Feet for deep reef and light bluewater applications


Our disco twin travel speargun is a Patent Pending design



  •  95CM Track Length
  • 9mm titanium euro notched flopper shaft 
  • 2 sets of 14mm fusion bands included
  • CNC ABS high impact composite body & muzzle 
  • (2) Torray T700 carbon fiber barrels 
  • Heinrich style line release
  • Black reef one piece trigger roller mech; rated to 2000 lbs
  • Rubberized ergonomic grip
  • Ergonomic safety switch
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