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"The Vandal-R is the result of years of prototyping, research, and development. The fuel behind its conception was to create the perfect all-round polespear: The combination of subtly-aggressive checkered carbon aesthetics, top tier titanium components, and unparalleled performance with a shooting radius in excess of 15+  feet range, thus creating a polespear that can compete with most spearguns. This spear is built to exceed expectations."

The only neutrally buoyant polespear in the industry!




  • 8mm (5/16 inch) by 4 inch burnt anodized titanium spear tip by Black Reef Co 

  • 8mm (5/16 inch) by 22 inch burnt anodized titanium injector rod by Black Reef Co

  • Stainless steel slip tip cable w/ rubber slip-tip retainer, or 1.7mm dyneema


  • Two 48 inch body sections

  • Thick walled 2/3 inch 12K gloss spread-tow carbon with gloss textured ribbing to prevent slipping while loading.

  • titanium sleeve-in connection: supports the joint to allow the polespears to flex in a perfect "one piece" behavior.

  • Titanium connection is beveled: functions as an anchor point for the band of the roller.

  • Custom "Black Reef style" swirled grip with adhesive heat shrink 


  •  Titanium roller housing with composite ball bearing roller wheel 

  • Power delivery: 14mm progressive speargun rubber, mil-spec 1000 lb marine grade nylon multicam handle with kevlar stitching & rubber stopper.

  • Traditionally banded option with D-shackle and two stage traditional band

  • Black Reef Grouperskin logo with diamond clear coating

Vandal-R Roller Polespear

Vandal-R Roller Polespear

Vandal-T Traditional Polespear

Vandal-T Traditional Polespear

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