Vandal-R Roller Polespear

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"The Vandal is the result of months of prototyping, research, and development. The fuel behind its conception was to create the perfect all-round polespear: The combination of subtly-agressive teakwood aesthetics, top tier materials such as thick walled carbon and titanium components, and unparraleled performance with a shooting radius in excess of 10+  feet range, as far as some spearguns. This spear is built to exceed expectations."



Titanium furnishings

Ribbed 12k spread tow carbon body

Carbon fiber epoxied grip

Titanium Ceramic bearing roller wheel

17-4 heat treated stainless steel injector by Spearcrafters

Mil-spec multicam roller handle

Rubberized roller stop

Titanium slip tip w/ 400 lb cable

Grouperskin handle 



Length: 10 feet

Weight: 2.3bs

Thickness: 17mm or 2/3 inch

Band size: 14mm or 9/16 inch 

Load: approx. 40lbs @ max load


  • Warranty Policy

    Black Reef Co provides a limited 2 year product warranty for defects and breakage. Our spears are built for abuse as these products are intended to be. If your spear happens to break due to the natural use of this product (NOT due to negligent treatment and abuse such as being run over by a car, for example), please contact us as well as provide proof of the breakage so we may warranty the broken component. 

    *This warranty excludes bands, injectors, or other components unless a factory defect has occured*

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