Kronos Bamboo Roller Sling

Kronos Bamboo Roller Sling

The Ka Ma'a is a development based around our Disco Banana Speargun design. Our objective was to build a state of the art roller sling with a reel and line release capabilities, capable of shooting 20+ feet yet fit in a small backpack. 



What's included: 

  • Roller Sling
  • Band
  • 2 piece titanium sling shaft w/ slip tip
  • Line Release & Breakaway Rigging Optional
  • Reel Optional



40 lbs of draw at 320% stretch 

8mm 40" Shaft (2 pieces: 21 inch front section, 19 inch back section)


Breakaway rigging includes a Line Releaseslide ring and 20 feet of shooting line. This allows the sling to be attached to the shaft, whereas without the rigging the sling is considered a freeshaft. 


The reel option includes our Black Label Reel by Black