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The Fusion Roller | 85R Bamboo Bluewater Speargun

The Fusion Roller | 85R Bamboo Bluewater Speargun

Searching for the perfect speargun for travel and performance? The Fusion speargun was specifically engineered to be simply effective to max out the roller platform, with a 110cm overall length comparable to the length of standard large freedive fins.

So why the 85cm size? There is no need for the fusion to be longer due to the fusion band design maxing out the stretch in the 16mm bands at this length. 


Why fusion? Band stretch is 400% out of a 16mm primary band. No human can load this. So how is it possible? We decided to engineer the fusion to have mechanical advantage with use of a two step pully system, thus effectively breaking the load into two easy 200% stretched steps. Almost any man, woman, or young spearo can load the fusion, yet effectively fire the speargun with no recoil and over 20 feet of range out of an 85cm  speargun. This is the most powerful speargun in its class, capable of hunting large pelagics with the maneuverability of a reef speargun.


Some unique features of the fusion include a solid bamboo body, horizontal track-roller wheel alignment, rubberized ergonomic AR-style handle, modular carbon ballast system, roller trigger mechanism for both euro and american style shafts, and more.


Why Bamboo? Bamboo is one of the most sustainable materials available, with the lightweight and strong behavioral characteristics similar to carbon fiber and other composite materials we manufacture with! 



  • 9mm Titanium two-piece shaft (slip tip included)
  • 16mm core band stretched 400% , secondary 14mm band stretched 350%
  • Compatibe with euro and american shafts 7mm to 9mm
  • 85cm track length
  • 110cm overall length
  • Range: 20+ feet