Speargun Slip Tip Setup

Speargun Slip Tip Setup

A first of its kind. Black Reef Co titanium dual pronged, geometrically optimized spear tip. The tri cut design is speciffically engineered to provide the tip with a rugged "rock proof" end to prevent dulling of the sharp point. No more worrying of dulled spear tips due to use and abuse. The low profile dual wing design is geometrically optimized to sit perfectly on our tapered nipple adapter, yet remove with ease.


Our tapered nipple slip tip adapter is designed for use with our Black Reef Co titanium slip tip.  The adapter has an angled through-hole so no slide ring is necessary. The slip tip is held on with a replaceable internal magnet. All harware included. 



  • Fits any shaft with 6mm threading
  • 8mm or 5/16 outer diameter
  • Cable or dyneema optional
  • All hardware included