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How to Maintain your Polespear

More times than not I have returned from a Bahamas spearfishing trip with some sort of abused spear equipment, which is always a good sign of a well executed spearfishing trip! However, oftentimes the worst abuse my polespears face is neglected proper maintenance after each trip.

Carbon polespears especially need proper upkeep to ensure their long lasting performance and aesthetics. The following steps should be taken to ensure proper upkeep of your equipment:

Step 1: Freshwater rinse

A polespear should consistently be cleaned with fresh water to remove traces of salt water. Salt water is one of the most destructive forces of nature. Over time the saltwater will wear on the carbon and resins, and corrode connections and metal pieces. Bands are subject to wear and tear as well as drying and cracking from saltwater when not washed.

Step 2: Lubrication

Polespear connections and metals will significantly benefit from frequent lubrication. Oils remove corrosion and allow for smoother contact between metals for connections. Roller polespears especially benefit from lubrication on the pins in the roller wheels. WD40 spray with lithium is great for this. Excess should be wiped away with a MICROFIBER towel.

Step 3: UV protection

The sun is something few consider with their equipment. the best way to prevent this is to apply UV protective wax coatings applied with a MICROFIBER towel. Such products can be purchased at autoparts stores. It is the same concept as applying UV protective coats to a car. Though, this is only necessary every once in a while or a few times a year.

Step 3: Band maintenance

As stated in step 1, bands need to be rinsed with fresh water after saltwater exposure. A common technique is to place bands in a ziplocked bag and place them in the freezer to keep them fresh.


Microfiber towels prevent abrasion when cleaning a polespear. Connections and resins are especially susceptible to worn out protective coatings and micro-scratching if improper towels are used to clean a polespear.

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