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How to make: Bahamian Boat Ceviche

Picture you just spear a nice mutton snapper on your Black Reef Polespear. You think "Man, I sure wish I could eat this fish right now, I have all these limes but if only I had a grille..."

Ceviche is NOT raw fish. It is very much quite the opposite in fact: The fish, conch, or lobster meat undergoes a reaction within the lime juice which quite literally cooks the meat. Due to the lack of oils and the non fatty nature of seafoods, ceviche boasts very healthy nutritional value. Above all, it can be made anywhere.

Ingredient list:

-Raw lobster, shrimp, fish, or conch(preferred)



-orange juice




-jalepeno(may want to remove seeds!)

-Kalik or Sands Beer

-Bahamian hot sauce (or any pepper sauce really)

Tools list:

Sharp knife

Cutting board

Bowl or Tupperware


I start off by chopping the meat into finger-tip size pieces and placing them in the bowl, followed by the lemon, orange, and lime juice. I then pour in half of a Kalik or Sands Beer (dont drown the ceviche in beer). Kalik tends to be more bitter whereas Sands is sweeter, so I personally prefer Sands Beer. I mince the rest of the ingredients then add the hot sauce, let sit for 15-30 minutes and enjoy.

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